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HP3 – Entrevista com o Trio, James Phelps e Chris Columbus na premiere de Nova Iorque
Publicado em 27 de julho de 2008 às 20:08
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Categorias: Atores, Christopher Columbus, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Equipe Técnica, Filmes, HP3 - Prisioneiro de Azkaban, James e Oliver Phelps, New York, Premieres, Rupert Grint, Trio
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Harshad | julho 6, 2012

Melissa, I totally agree with you. I am so over this famliy and their holier than thou attitudes. Their children are robots with no choice in what they wear, what sports they play and no individuality. They only socialize with hand picked friends (usually huge families like their own.) I feel terribly sorry for each child in that famliy.Do the parents even have a plan for the children if something were to happen to both of them. Is there a famliy that would take in all 18 children and keep them together? Part of good parenting is having your children taken care of whether you are here or not. Is the government going to be responsible for the children if something happens to Michelle and Jim Bob?What if one of the children got sick and was hospitalized long term? Could one parent run that household and the other 17 kids while the other was in the hospital?I find their famliy choices VERY IRRESPONSIBLE.

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