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HP3 – Sneak Peek do E! News e entrevista com o Trio
Publicado em 27 de julho de 2008 às 20:15
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Categorias: Atores, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Filmes, HP3 - Prisioneiro de Azkaban, Rupert Grint, Sneak Peeks, Trio
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Mayur | julho 8, 2012

. That would explain Jack’s deasipr in the future. That and a healthy supply of pills and booze that is. Being a diehard Jater I think there is still some hope for all of our Losties. Stay tuned. DUDE!![/quote] I’m pretty sure Kate’s alive in the flash forward sequence. How many ghosts do you know drive cars? I’m also pretty sure Jack’s deasipr characterized by his pill popping booze fueled attempts at surgery (like his Dad beofre him) is the result of his realization that he was sent to the Island for a reason (as yet to be told to us) and by leaving it, he lost his purpose. Purposelessness would definitely drive a man like Jack to self destuction.

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