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HP4 – Trio conversando no Salão Comunal da Grifinória
Publicado em 26 de junho de 2008 às 10:22
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Categorias: Cenas Deletadas, Filmes, HP4 - Cálice de Fogo
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rebea lohana | março 26, 2011

eu amo harry potter de coração

Anderson | julho 8, 2012

What an awesome way to kick off Season 4! So much to desgit here just a couple of random thoughts:1) Anyone else notice Christian Shepherd in the rocking chair this time? I’ll post a screen capture at some point tomorrow, but I am about 100% sure that is who Hurley saw2) Charlie showing up nearly blew my mind except that we all know Hurley is crazy3) Hurley’s apology to Jack about siding with Locke throws another wrench in the puzzle as it relates to what happens4) How intense was it when Jack pulled the trigger Lost rules.

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