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HP5 – KCBS entrevista o trio na premiere Los Angeles
Publicado em 12 de julho de 2008 às 16:01
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Rochii | julho 8, 2012

As a fan of the books, I feel they absolutely NAILED this show. I’m not about to give you guys some long, overolbwn reason why you should read the book. Just gonna give up my perspective as a fan of the source material.The book definitely had that tension and morbid heartbreak, which I always worried would be lost in the translation, but it was what they added that blew me away. Lennie struggling with capping his wife? Brilliance! I certainly hope they get a little more play than in the book. And I defy ANYONE to say their heart didn’t just break a little when Rick went back for that pathetic torso clambering across the field.But what gave me the most hope was hearing you talk about some of the things in episode 2 that were favorites in the book.So I’m very excited to see where it goes and diverts from the book, but also to see how much of it remains true to the source material.

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