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Curtametragem “LifeHack” de Chris Rankin
Publicado em 03 de setembro de 2009 às 05:47
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Categorias: Atores, Chris Rankin
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Dollar | julho 6, 2012

I agree that these parents are slhtgily crazy, however, their children all seem to be well behaved, and it is their right to give birth to and raise as many children as they want. From what I remember, Jim Bob has three different jobs just to support them. They are not living off the government, and their kids are taken care of, and seemingly happy. For all you who think that the children will rebel, here’s a news flash, some of them are old enough to do so now, and they’re not. Joshua just got married, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t do it to rebel or get out of the house as some might speculate. Who are we to judge? We are not in their shoes. We are not raising their children, and if they want to be a baby factory, we should all just be happy their not raising delinquents.

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