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HP6 – Sneak Peek da ABC Family

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  1. they believe john is now helnipg jacob by first getting rid of the ash circle, or at least breaking it so jacob is free to do his thing all over the island. what’s his thing? good question lol. i don’t care if locke was in the cabin or not i believe he has been. i can’t imagine him NOT going back after hearing jacob say help me while in the cabin the first time with ben. locke’s a sucker for that kind of stuff. and i STILL think that jacob is locke. somehow. someway. i created a side-by-side last year of the jacob screencap with the hair removed and the profile IS john. i’m a photographer by profession and i have to look at faces all day. i’m not saying jacob and locke are the same person as in locke is sneaking into the cabin and acting like jacob, but that locke and jacob have some type of relationship on some type of level. spiritual? supernatural? something. this theory isn’t too well thought out so ignore what you need to.3) when did ben say i am your son in the cabin to jacob last season? does anyone else remember this? that’s the first time i’ve ever heard that. not sure if it really happened.4) the atty from oceanic was not from oceanic. he was definitely from the same group that sent the crew of boaties. i’m starting to think that they might even be more after SOMEONE ON THE ISLAND than the island itself. that dude was wayyyyyyy too concerned with whether or not there were people on the island that were still alive as though they were more important than the island . up to this point everyone’s been under the impression that the boaties were after the island itself (i.e. magnetic anomalies, invisibility factor, ancient ruins, etc) but the way the dude acted he wanted people. he didn’t care about the island itself. that’s super interesting and we’re all missing something here.5) if jacob really is jack’s dad, then this is a jack-centered show and we need to revisit a LOT of what we think this show is about. i don’t think it is. MHO.

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