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HP7 – First Look da ABC Family
Publicado em 09 de julho de 2010 às 17:14
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Categorias: Filmes, HP7.1 - Relíquias da Morte, Legendados, Sneak Peeks
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Yeleswarapu | setembro 19, 2012

ITA I thought elcatxy the same! @TR aaw, you’re such an amazing and sweet friend! And of course a great and special person. Thank you for everything 🙂 @S Also I wanna thank you soo much. You fulfill a very important part in my life and I’m happy with literally everything you post! And also for things you don’t post (trolls etc) to keep this place THE drama-free Robsten-place. Your blog is the cherry on the Robsten-pie! You did an amazing job this year and there are no words enough to thank you. I wish you an amazing new year sweetie! And of course I also wish all the incredible peeps here, who made me feel at home immediatly after my first comment and who are the best Robsten-fans ever, a happy, healthy and lovefilled 2012. I can’t wait for all the epic things we’ll share in 2012 here. I send you all my love from Holland!

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