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Posted on segunda-feira, novembro 22, 2010 in Atores, Brasil, Entrevistas, Filmes, HP7.1 - Relíquias da Morte, Legendados, Matthew Lewis, Premieres | 1 comentário

HP7 – Omelete entrevista Matthew Lewis na premiere brasileira

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  1. Renee;I only caught the tail end of Suck it Up Princess after the news last night. I hope its shown again soon so I can see the whole dmecountary.You are a very courageous young woman, more power to you. You go girl! I too am in chronic pain, but have learned to live with it and get about the best I can with a walker and Wheel-Trans, the paratransit provided by the TTC in Toronto.I’m 64 and have been found unfit all duties’ at work due to various physical limitations which leaves me unable to do a job which I loved very much. But I refuse to lie down and play dead. All I can say is that God for my computer, in the winter it’s often my only link to the outside world if the weather is really bad.Take care, and Best Wishes.Happy Easter

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