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Outro sneak peek de Rupert Grint para a Nylon Magazine
Publicado em 27 de abril de 2010 às 03:30
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Aliph | julho 8, 2012

[quote comment=”172332″]Not only was John Terry (the actor who plays Christian Shepard) crieetdd in the episode, he was given credit on IMDB. Both mean he was in the episode. i think it’s safe to say Jacob is being played by John Terry. The resemblance is more obvious after this episode. Whether Jacob is Christian Shepard or not is yet to be seen. (Jacob could just like to take forms of dead people).One thing I noticed while DVR pausing the cabin scene: There’s a painting in the cabin of a dog that looks like Walt’s.Oh, and the freaky eye was definitely not Locke. Possibly could’ve been Mikhail.How about Kate and Juliet both staying with Jack. Catfight anyone?[/quote]aboyt the dog picture remember long ago they see a gian statue (looks like a foot (dogs paw? it has 4 toes!!

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